Rising Impact

A young boy, Gawain, lives in a mountainous, rural area with an incredible love for baseball and making the ball really fly. One day he runs into a visitor to the small area and she introduces him to a sport that can really make a ball take to flight: golf! It just takes one shot and Gawain is hooked. With his grandpa's approval he sets off to Tokyo with this mysterious woman to learn all he can about golf, encountering many colorful characters and obstacles along the way. (Source: mangatraders)
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Kategoriler: Spor
Tipi: ONA
Durum: Bilinmiyor
Yayın Tarihi: 22 Haziran 2024 Cumartesi
Bitiş Tarihi: 06 Ağustos 2024 Salı
Bölümler: 12
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Puan: 7.25/10 (1,305 kişi tarafından)
Sıra: #2980
Bilinirlik: #9023
Yaş Sınırı: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Bölüm Süresi: 26 min